Quality System

We are certified according to ISO 9002.The reports connerning the natural hazelnut reception, specifications of packaging materials and incoming control are kept according to the purchase procedures.

For the raw hazelnuts FFA, physical analyses, rate of bad quality of hazelnut, sieve analyses are constantly performed.Natural hazelnuts to  be used in our factory are purchased in accordance with the T.S. - 1917 standards.
We have control cards for each supplier by means of which the quality af hazelnuts are continuously followed and records are instantly analyzed and evaluated.
Each incoming hazelnut lot is sampled and the hazelnuts falling out of the acceptable criterias are immediately sent back.
Hazelnut lost within the specifications are stored in our warehouses according to international standards and within the FIFO principle.The necessary measures are taken to grant ultimate protection againts insects using strong pallets and constant ventilation of our warehouses.
For the packaging materials, cleanliness, number, integrity, printing details and sizes are constantly controlled.Suppliers' evaluation reports are kept.

1.1. Pest Control
Pest control is performed according to the procedures of corrective and preventive actions.Services and advices of the agricultural struggle association are received.Control cards with the evaluation reports and signatures of authorities are kept.In addition sticky traps electrical insect catchers are used and their reports are kept.

Procedures prevailing for employees. visitors and external maintenance personnel are strictly obeyed.All the persons within the designated areas wear galoshes, bonnets and disinfection mats.
According to the procedures of corrective and preventive actions, we have a cleaning regulation which is regularly enforced.For every  department, hygene control cards are regularly kept for daily cleaning activities.In addition, control cards for maintenance and cleaning are kept on a daily, weekly and yearly basis.