About Us

Our factory was established in 1989 at the locality of Talipli Village of Bulancak on the open area of 2000 square meters, and it started exportation as per the orders of our clients.(References to be supplied upon request)

We strive only to valuable customers which are our business partners. With this purpose our activities have been led by the General Management and Quality Control Departmens.

The produstion activity in our factory begins is September and continues until July. Thirty woman-workers work in the production section. In addition 50 persons actually work in our factory including those in the packing and loading sections. In this way our factory can process up to 300 tons of hazelnuts per month.

All R&D and quality control work is realized by our own laboratory. The quality control and produstion processes are realized through a most up-to-date line and we constantly try to improve our specifications in order to reach world standards.

We have an office in Giresun. You can acquire more information about the company from our website www.bozbag.com and you can always contact us from the following mail addresses : bozbag@bozbag.com / mbozbag@bozbag.com 


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